Current Public Class Times

Mon – 19:00 – 21:00

Thurs 19:00 – 21:00

Sat 10:00 – 13:00

First lesson Free, £10 thereafter

Private tuition available on request. Email John on for booking


Warrington Martial Arts Studio is a facility dedicated to the teaching of Martial Arts and fitness.

We teach a range of classes on a public and private basis, that may be used individually or holistically to build fitness, confidence, well being and practical skill.

We teach Martial Arts because we care about people. We exist to provide you a clean comfortable space to practice, with regular opportunities to train and engage with professionals who have been studying and teaching for years with some of the top coaches in the world.

We cater to the individual with a view to enhancing your quality of life by investing regularly in your fitness, intellect, and personal capabilities, as well as introducing you to other like minded individuals that share in the desire to use Martial Arts as a platform for self expression and personal development. If you are interested in learning Martial Arts, please get in touch to discuss the options available to you.

Warrington Martial Arts Studio is the home of Gary Lam Wing Chun Kung Fu – the core syllabus taught here. Gary Lam Wing Chun is a touch assisted combat system from China, designed for smaller people to overcome stronger larger aggressors.

Sifu (coach) John Lobb imported this syllabus to the UK in 2007, after many months of intensive training with his teacher in Los Angeles. John has coach grades in both Wing Chun and (Changquan) Chinese Kickboxing as well as practicing Thai boxing for over eight years.

John is currently engaged in personal combatives programs and continues to train under his teacher in Los Angeles. He also hosts International seminars and regular workshops in Warrington, Nottingham, and London.

John still takes regular trips back to the USA with his students. He has also contributed to Wing Chun Illustrated magazine. His full background can be found within the pages of this site.

He is available for booking public, private, and group based tuition. Please contact him at to discuss.

Sifu Gary Lam 2016 Seminar


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